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Efrat is a seasoned CMO and strategist, with 17 years of experience in technology, marketing and personal branding. In her current position, Efrat is the VP Marketing at Mindspace, a global leader in flexible  spaces, spanning 30 locations in Europe and the US. Efrat was awarded “CMO of the year” for 2019 by Israel’s Geektime magazine, as well as one of the top 10 tech marketing executives in Israel in 2017.


Efrat is also a co-founder of G-CMO (Global CMO) forum, a community of Israel’s top CMO’s from global companies.  In her previous positions, Efrat led Marketing at Airobotics, an autonomous drone startup which raised $100m+, at Viaccess-Orca, and at the Israeli Export Institute.


Efrat leads the Israeli personal branding community on Facebook, called “Walk the Talk”. In addition to being a frequent speaker at industry events, a blogger and a startup mentor, Efrat is also a guest lecturer in academia. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Monash University, Australia.


Efrat is a mum to her 10 year old Ethan, and passionate about people, fashion, design, travel and food.

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Eliav Alaluf is a marketing expert, an international keynote speaker and a published author. He specialized in digital marketing, psychological innovation and storytelling. His customers, over 100 past and present, are some of the leading brands in Israel and abroad.

He is one of the co-founders of Like and Share Human Media LTD, a leading social media influencer agency, which specializes in marketing via people, and that has done over 1,000 influencer marketing projects.

Previously, he established and managed Rahav Social, a digital agency that’s part of Ran Rahav Communications agency, and Globes Newspaper social media division. He previously held senior marketing positions in Comverse, Passcall and AxisMobile, and before that, was a financial reporter for Globes.

He has a Law Degree from Sheffield University and an Executive International MBA from Tel Aviv and Northwestern Universities.
In 2020, two of his books were published by Orion Book Publishing: “Cheering for the Shark” and “What did the world’s most successful companies learn from Mafia Movies”.

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